HIP Review Update

Last year’s comprehensive review of the opinions of HIP stakeholders confirmed that the HIP’s original purpose as a facilitator, linking Government and other funders to science providers and the horticulture and potato industries, is still highly valued. How this need might best be met in future was left open for further consultation, led by the HIP’s Acting Executive, Steve Tones who said ‘Since the HIP embarked on its review last year, there have been a number of important changes within the industry.  Key organisations, including AHDB, Innovate UK, the KTN and the Research Councils have been restructuring and reviewing their strategies and funding mechanisms, and the Agri-Tech Innovation Centres and Food Innovation Network have been established.  We also have the added uncertainty that Brexit brings.  As such, the HIP board has agreed to extend the consultation period so that key stakeholders are able to continue to share their thoughts and concerns so that we can ensure HIP’s long term strategy will deliver positive results for the industry.’