The HIP Ornamental & Landscape Horticulture R&D Strategy Summary 2015 – 2020

This document is a summary version of the full Ornamental and Landscape Horticulture strategy.


The HIP Ornamental & Landscape Horticulture R&D Strategy 2015 – 2020

This strategy takes a joined-up approach to ornamental horticulture, from growing, distributing and retailing plants through to the design and management of gardens and landscapes and the economic, environmental and societal benefits which can be delivered for hundreds of years. It is aimed at government, research funders including industry, research providers and key stakeholder organisations. It is focussed on boosting the economy by stimulating business through the whole supply chain. The strategy develops a research agenda aimed specifically at delivering key government policies, as well as helping drive growth through innovation in this economically and environmentally important sector. It asks for the support of government to embed the benefits of ornamental horticulture as part of policy delivery across government departments and for the departments and research councils to use existing and new funding schemes imaginatively to deliver this agenda. Where possible, we have tried to identify strategic government policy strands which are likely to stay intact irrespective of which political party is in power.

The strategy is aligned with and supports the Ornamental Industry Roundtable Action Plan 2015–2020, a government-industry partnership initiative which has identified 12 key work areas (referred to as ‘Asks’) to increase growth and competitiveness. The Horticulture Innovation Partnership (HIP) was part of this initiative and this strategy sets out the underpinning R&D for many of the plan ‘Asks’. Investment in the research laid out in this strategy will: increase profitability, further capitalise on the UK’s existing reputation as the ‘gardening capital of the world’, open significant new market opportunities, improve the technology base and skills within the sector and enhance delivery of ecosystem services, including health and wellbeing.


Review of the Horticulture Innovation Partnership (HIP)

As the Horticulture Innovation Partnership (HIP) reaches its third anniversary, the future direction of the Partnership has been reviewed to ensure its role in supporting an ever-developing horticulture community continues to add value.

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Horticultural Supply in the UK – a Supply Chain Map

This study was done to inform and develop an appropriate representational make up and constitution of a HIP supply chain group, based on an objective analysis of the many and diverse industry organisations which exist to serve the sector in relation to its innovation needs and research priorities.

HDC News

Collaborative Research Article

This article was first published in HDC news in April 2015. If you’ve got a great idea that will make a difference to your business or a problem that you want to research yourself, there are public funding bodies that want to hear from you, writes Claire Shaddick, as she highlights successful case studies and partnerships and describes funding opportunities.


Directory of UK Horticulture and Potato Research

This “Directory of UK Horticulture and Potato Research” was provided at the “Unlocking Innovation through Science and Collaboration” event on 26 February 2015. The event was focussed around research funded under the HAPI and attracted 113 attendees from the wider community of academics, industry and funders. This identified and provided contact information for 111 current projects funded jointly by BBSRC and industry.

Newsletter December 2013

HIP Newsletter December 2013

Welcome to The HIP's first Newsletter which provides a summary of activity to date and demonstrates the impact of HIP on the horticulture and potato industry.

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What is the HIP?

A growing partnership between growers, suppliers, processors, packers, retailers, policymakers, research funders and providers.

We are working together to develop a vision for business innovation to create a resilient Industry, able to take advantage of expanding opportunities in a global marketplace.

Welcome to the HIP

Welcome to The HIP

This publication provides the background, aims and objectives of this innovative partnership and how you can get invovled.