Horticulture and Potato Initiative Update

The Horticulture and Potato Initiative, HAPI, is funded by BBSRC, NERC and the Scottish Government.

Supporting high-quality industrially relevant research projects on potato and edible horticulture crops.

The Horticulture Coordinators, Mary Bosley, David Cole and David Barney, continue to support and work with the ten projects that have been funded through HAPI. Some projects are now entering their final phase, with the industrial and academic partners determining the pathways for impact of their work and exploring the need for follow-on research.

The Coordinators and the NERC / HIP sponsored Knowledge Exchange Fellows are working with BBSRC to plan and deliver the next HAPI Community building workshop in Spring 2017.

This workshop will focus on: 
* Providing an opportunity for HAPI research consortia, the steering group and key sector stakeholders to meet, network and showcase HAPI and other horticultural research.
* Highlighting challenges faced in the horticulture and potato supply chain, to raise awareness of how collaborative research can help to overcome these.
* Highlighting other programmes available for funding collaborative research in horticulture and potatoes and identifying ways to sustain and develop the community established through HAPI to exploit these, building on outcomes from the previous workshop.